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Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliating treatment in which a JR BEAUTY aesthetician removes dead skin cells and vellus hair by gently using a sterile surgical scalpel.

Dermaplaning helps reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. It can also help prime the skin for other treatments such as Chemical Peels and increase the absorption of topical products. At JR Beauty we offer two aesthetic treatments an express and a deluxe.

Consult your aesthetician to book a consultation with the JR Beauty Aesthetics team, see and feel the difference.

Express dermaplanning Treatment

Includes serums to help hydrate and calm the skin.

30 mins
Deluxe dermaplanning & LED Treatment

Includes hydrating hyaluronic acid mask and 10 minutes under the LED light therapy. This mask can help promote circulation, boost collagen production, treat acne and encourage skin therapy.

45 mins